Kitchen Warehouse is an Australian owned family business that retails the best brands of kitchenware in the Perth metro area. Meza IT was contracted to introduce the Kitchen Warehouse online VIP program to their stores so that customers could be rewarded for their loyalty regardless of where they were shopping.

As VIP points could be earned and spent in person the application needed to be quick as we didn’t want staff and customers to be waiting a long time at the checkout. To reduce any latency Meza IT developed a scheduled service powered by Quartz.NET to synchronise local copies of a customer database with Kitchen Warehouses website via an API.

During the in-store checkout process, a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application created by Meza IT interacted with an existing Point of Sale (POS) application via a flat file. The WPF applications were installed on each POS terminal and were connected to a local Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service (also created by Meza IT) which was capable of looking up customers locally or online. Once the customer information had been retrieved, the application allowed the customer to redeem points which they could use at the time to reduce the total of their purchase, or they could accumulate points towards their next purchase. Custom WPF controls were built to make the user interface compatible with the POS touch screens.

Furthermore the system introduced an ASP.NET MVC website, which also connected to the WCF service, for administrative tasks like customer address maintenance.


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