Mainpeak is a service oriented supplier of premium quality outdoor and adventure equipment. In 2009, Meza IT upgraded their existing ASP.NET 1.1 brochure site to a fully functional ASP.NET 3.5/AJAX.NET eCommerce site. Built on a custom platform and developed and maintained by us, Mainpeak online was in a constant state of evolution in order to match the changing requirements of the company.

Mainpeak maintained a complex pricing structure in their Point of Sale (POS) system that included discounts for club members and outdoor professionals as well as a completely separate set of prices for a proposed sister site ( Early in the project there was very little integration between the POS system and the new web database. This made it very difficult to accurately maintain stock levels and promote up to date prices. Our first priority once the site was built was to ensure that the complex pricing structure and current stock levels were correctly represented online. Via linked servers (MSSQL Server 2008) that connected to the POS database, we generated a number of SQL tasks capable of manipulating imported and exported data which reduced the manual intervention required.

MezaIT was also responsible for increasing conversions by implementing a simplified two step shopping cart process that reduced the time and the number of clicks required to place an order.


Note: Mainpeak has since been redesigned by the team at Humaan. Meza IT continues our strong relationship with Mainpeak and we still maintain a number of their side projects.

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